First Blog Birthday

ifty Two Weeks (1 year) Ago Today:
I started writing this blog, concurrently with the start of my third year of medical school.

This post also commemorates surviving the year of school!

Every birthday needs a candle. Inspired by the abundance of paper rosettes & pretty cupcakes circulating in blog land, I decided to make a paper rosette “cupcake” candle holder, pictured above. I followed a tutorial at Pink Paislee {see HERE}.

Doesn’t it look cupcake-like?

As I’ve gotten older & busier, I’ve embraced the concept of a birthday week. And for this blog, I’m going to extend that idea to a birthday month. Check back for more birthday month related posts.

Read on for more birthday thoughts & a tutorial on the Paper Rosette Candle.

eflections On A Year Of Blogging

    {click here to jump to the tutorial}

Thank You
I would like to thank each and every person who has visited my blog, shared thoughts here, and graciously chosen to share my work at their own site. I’m always flattered that readers spend a moment here.

I especially appreciate those who take the time & effort to host link parties. Each is an ongoing source of project inspiration & a place to find new friends.

I’ve found that bloggers are very kind & supportive crowd, with rare exceptions noted here at My Favorite Hatemail.

In The Beginning
I started off slowly, looking around at other blogs. At the time, I only knew about a few blogs — the big ones like Design*Sponge & Apartment Therapy. The rest of the blogs I read were actually about fashion.

I’ve always made a lot of “crafty stuff.” So I decided to focus on DIY décor & accessory tutorials & signed up for a new blogger site.

Blogging Process Navigation

Once I started my blog, it took me awhile to figure out how to find other like-minded bloggers.

There are a few sites that really helped me connect with people who enjoy all things crafty, thrifty, upcycled, and handmade. My first linky submission at the DIY club. The weekly party for “newbies” at Debbie Doo’s. And the weekly Creative Bloggers Party & Hop at Homemaker on a Dime. Visit them here:

DIY Club

A special thank you to Jessica Hische at the Daily Dropcap. A designer who created the wonderful dropcaps in each of my posts, which are free for personal use “for the beautification of blogs everywhere.” Visit her site here:

There are all sorts of bell curves in blogging, with one described here by Carissa at Good N Crazy.

As I connected with more bloggers, I climbed up a bell curve of caring how many followers were following and how many commenters were commenting. I soon realized how time consuming & incompatible with student life that effort was for me.

I remembered why I started this blog: as a record of writing & crafts & to share ideas with those interested in reading.

It takes a great effort to get from an idea to a blog post, and that’s where I’m choosing to spend my efforts. With that realization, I slid down the other side of my bell curve.

Organizing A Scattered Right Brain
At first, I could never remember where I’d seen projects I liked. I tried Mac Stickies, but they filled up too quickly. I saved images in folders, but never went back to look at the pictures. I eventually made an excel sheet with all sorts of tabs.

Then Pinterest came along, and I added an easy-access linky collection in my side bar. Things feel relatively organized now.

Future Goals
Scientists are trained to think continually & practically of the future. Here are my two goals for the next year.

Curate Wedding Inspiration
inlinkz Linky Collections –

Without further ado, here is the featured tutorial.

Paper Rosette Candle Tutorial
1. Square paper
2. Round Object
3. Sand
4. Hot glue gun & glue stick
5. Candle

Pretty Paper
Round Bowl (smaller than paper)

1. Trace bowl onto paper & use scissors to cut out paper circle.

2. Follow the rosette tutorial at Pink Paislee, HERE.

3. Add sand to middle of rosette.

4. Add candle to sand & light.

Have you had a blog birthday/anniversary?
What did you learn over that year?

Happy 4th!

Linking to this yummy collection:
Cupcake Month!

Also linking to some parties in the right side bar.
Visit them for great inspiration!

“F, R” dropcaps courtesy of Jessica Hische @ Daily Dropcap
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24 thoughts on “First Blog Birthday

  1. Laura

    I have been blogging for a few years now, but never thought of celebrating it in any way. Sounds like a fun idea!
    And going more than one day makes it even better! 🙂

  2. Lynda @ {ubersavvy}

    I really like the candle holder, I am a sucker for all blue and white. But what I really enjoyed was what you wrote about the 1st year. I am new to this blog world and so appreciate your reflections. Congratulations! By the way I celebrate a birthday month- I just need to get my hubby to agree.

  3. poindextr

    happy blog birthday! and cuter than cute cupcake rosette candle too 🙂 I’m all about anything made from pretty paper. Or even junk mail paper (can’t resist). haven’t tried pinterest yet and SO need to. My brain just doesn’t have the power of recall that it once did.

  4. Tasha Anderson

    I am so impressed by you! Creative and out to make a difference in the world through medicine! I wish you great success in all areas of your life!
    I LOVE the candle rosette and will be trying this!
    Thanks for joining the party! It’s every Thursday Rain or Shine, pink or no pink…

  5. Jennifer

    Happy Anniversary! And thanks so much for following me! Enjoyed your insight on the ‘bell curve’…so true!
    Followed you back! Oh and cute cupcake!!

  6. Mindie Hilton

    Congrats on your one year, mine is coming up in Sept the same week my 11 year wedding ann. is too!

    Thanks for linking to Bacon Time. Hope to see you this week too.

  7. Lindsay

    This is such a well written post. I love how you are so real with your feelings about blogging. Thanks for inspiring me to keep going. You do a great job on here!


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