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Icons @ A Crafty Balance

Inaugural Designs @ The design.lab

Design hacker.I’ve always had an affinity for graphic design, type fonts, and making things look pretty.

Design Roots

In high school I created my cross country team’s mix tape covers using scrap paper & a color copier. In graduate school I had to put together a number of giant posters and countless power point presentation slides. My favorite part was always coming up with the design.

Blogging Era

From the time I started this blog, I always enjoyed designing icons & playing around with the layout.

With the combination of a googled knowledge base, photoshop, apple screen capture, and powerpoint, I’ve been able to get everything I want done. I think of my web & graphic design method as self-taught design hacking.

As part of my blog birthday celebration, I decided to channel my love for design towards creating a set of social media icons for one of my readers.

The winner {posted here} was Libby at …a crafty balance…

Click any of the blog images below to visit Libby. She also shares some good thoughts on blogging {posted here}.

Here’s the blog before & after.

… before …
… after …

design.lab — a free design resource in the pipeline

I’ve been working to organize a collection of my social media icons and other miscellaneous blog accessory designs. I will be posting them here for personal blog use. More details to come soon.


Social Media Icons Winner

Blog Birthday Celebration

Thank you to everyone who entered my design giveaway!

Congratulations to the winner:
#22 Libby from … a crafty balance …

Here’s her blog “Before”.
Check back in about a month for the “After”!
Coming soon… free social media icons for all!
Thank you all again for supporting my blog.
In the near future, I will be posting image links to my own social media icons & icons I design for others.
I will start with image links & eventually hope to include a tutorial on how to add them to your blog.
It will be a busy next few month, so this will happen slowly but surely.