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DIY No-Sew Doily Wedding Dress

No-Sew Doily Wedding Dress

Well, hello again!

The last time I wrote a blog post was in December 2013. We are still living in Nashville, where I’m in my last year of Ophthalmology residency. Major life events since that last post include: raising a mini goldendoodle puppy who is now 2 years old, deciding to pursue further specialized training in Oculoplastic surgery, and learning that we’re expecting a baby girl in May 2016.

There were so many unique, handmade projects involved in our 2012 Mammoth Lakes wedding, and I had always meant to write about them… but here we are four wedding seasons later. For now I’ll write about my wedding gown, which I dreamed up around this time of year in 2012.

doily wedding dress front

via joielala | Taryn Kent & Shelby Clark

So if you’re searching for a wedding dress this year, here’s a unique idea: take a plain bridesmaid dress and glue a bunch of doilies to it. My dress turned out exactly how I’d envisioned it to be, and as a bonus it was super budget-friendly.

doily wedding dress back

via joielala | Taryn Kent & Shelby Clark

Read on for details on how I created this dress.

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No-Sew Grosgrain Bows

grosgrain bows

Pretty Shoe Accents

Some of you know that I’m partial no-sew projects, like here and here. I actually have some basic sewing skills but prefer the convenience of things like hot glue and sticky back velcro.

When I started working on my wedding dress, I was looking for a no-sew alternative to anchor doilies to fabric without using heat. A google search told me that Fabri-Tac was the best product for the job.

I wanted to try Fabri-Tac on something OTHER than my wedding dress. So I made some bows for my chalk painted shoes, seen here.

Let me just say that Fabri-Tac is an amazing product. It’s a permanent fabric glue that bonds instantly, dries overnight, and is even machine washable. So enough of the Fabri-Tac plug.

Read on for a tutorial.

  No-Sew Grosgrain Bows


My favorite heels: read more about them here.


  1. Grosgrain ribbon (Michael’s $1 bin)
  2. Lace (Michael’s $1 bin)
  3. Fabri-Tac (8 oz, Michael’s $10.40 after coupon)
  4. Sticky-back Velcro (8 pack, 99¢ store, $1)

Note: none of the items were purchased for this project!

Total Cost = FREE

Fabri-Tac: my new FAV


Do you prefer to sew or not to sew?

Happy Fabri-Tac-ing!


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