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Handmade Crown

Two weekends ago we threw a bachelorette celebration in Santa Cruz.

The bride-to-be’s head was adorned with a simple crown fashioned out of pipe cleaners (pin-spired, of course).

  Pipe Cleaner Crown


via A Beautiful Mess
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  1. Pipe Cleaners, quantity: 3 (Michael’s)


I didn’t take any pictures, but in summary I used 2 pipe cleaners to make a round head-sized circle, then used the third pipe cleaner to make the three crown spikes.

What is your favorite head accessory?



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Canada Eh

Time for a Bloggy Olympics award!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Craft Week party.

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I’m giving the “Freaking Stunning” award to…

Sarah at Alderberry Hill for her gorgeous lime green chairs. Bold color choice and great makeover result!

Congrats Sarah!

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Did you notice the Canadian flag above those green chairs?
I grew up in upstate New York, which is practically Canada.
Here’s to Canadian appreciation: a picture with Mr. Frosting in Whistler on Canada Day 2009.

Btw, I wore those shoes on our wedding day!
Wedding project tutorials will pop up over the summer & fall.
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