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Golden Card Holder


Accessorize Your Desk

In the midst of my wedding crafting craze, I took a moment to do the SIMPLEST spray painting project I’d been putting off for awhile.

I wanted to recreate a stylish gold card holder I’d seen as part of a display at russel+hazel.

Read on to see the inspiration & for a short tutorial.

  Golden Card Holder


Pretty golden card holders at russel+hazel. They are just part of the display and not for sale (at least not that I could find)!


  1. Compact travel brush (Target, $1.07)
  2. Gold Spray Paint (Michael’s)

Note: Items without prices were not purchased for this project.

Total Cost = $1


Off to my friend’s wedding in Chicago. More details on her invitation design here.

p.s. the brush is very lightweight, so I suggest gluing some washers to the bottom!

What have you spray painted recently?



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Stamp-a-ma-jig Hack

Wedding Paperie Tutorial

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 ustom Stamped Cards

Pretty hand-stamped stationery is simple to make. But reproducibly stamping a design requires a bit of planning.

When I started looking into wedding invitations and related paper goods, I read about a plastic gadget called the Stamp-a-ma-jig. It allows you to align your stamp correctly.

If you’re stamping 100+ cards, you don’t want to be messing too many of them up & throwing them away. Even if you make cards out of inexpensive materials like I did, it’s a waste of time to mess a few cards up!

The Stamp-a-ma-jig is a tool you never knew you needed ’til you’ve heard about it.

And once you’ve used it, you don’t know how you ever worked without one!

Check out this helpful how-to video.

Read on for to find out how I hacked a free stamp-a-ma-jig from materials in our garage & also a tutorial.

How exactly does the stamp-a-ma-thing work?

I watched KWerner Design Blog‘s YouTube video, here, explaining exactly how to use the stamp-a-ma-jig.

After watching the video, I decided I had to get a stamp-a-ma-jig. I found them for about $11 on

Instead of buying one, I opted to have the soon-to-be Mr. Frosting make a hacked version from scrap wood in our garage. It’s not as nice as the real thing but got the job done and was basically free!

Custom Stamped Cards
{to be used as our wedding RSVP cards}

Stamp-a-ma-jig Hack

  1. Scrap Wood (left over from the Christmas Headboard here)
  2. Jig Saw
  3. Sand Paper 


    1. Tandem Bike Stamp (Creatiate via Etsy, pinned here)
    2. Random $1 Stamp (Michael’s)
    3. Gorilla Super Glue (Home Depot)
    4. 4×6″ Index Cards (Staples, $6.50 per 500, as seen here for my Tea-Stained Cardstock)
    5. Scalloped Scissors (Michael’s)
    6. Color Box Pigment Ink, Copper (Michael’s, $3.50 after coupon)
    7. Vellum Paper (Michael’s, $3.50 per 20 8.5×11″ sheets)

    Note: items without prices were not purchased for this project. I bought the stamp for my wedding invitations, tutorial to come this summer.

    New Supplies: 100 Index Cards ($1.30) + Ink + Velum Paper
    Total Cost = $8.30
    (with plenty of supplies left over)



      p.s. Another alternative stamp-a-ma-jig hack would be a corner tile from the hardware store. If you try that option, let me know how it goes!

      Have you ever used a stamp-a-ma-jig or made your own stamping jig?


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      Amy Butler Mirror

      Décor Tutorial


       irror mirror on the wall

      Look closely at very left of my blog header. There’s a pretty papered mirror hiding in the background.

      I always like to have a full length mirror near my wardrobe. But full length mirrors are always more expensive than their smaller counterparts. So I opted for a budget-friendly version with a designer touch.

      I picked up a simple full length “door mirror” at Target for $4. It’s easiest to find these deals during back-to-school/dorm season.

      I mod-podged pretty patterned Amy Butler paper to frame the mirror. Here is the pretty pattern, via Pinterest:

      I actually made this mirror pre-c.w.frosting & mod-podged it two years after papering, so I don’t have any pictures of the making.

      Read on for a short, descriptive tutorial.

      The $5 Amy Butler Mirror


      1. Full Length Mirror (Target, $4)
      2. Amy Butler Designer Paper (Michael’s, used about $1 worth)
      3. Scissors
      4. Ruler
      5. Mod Podge Matte (Michael’s)
      6. Paint Brush
      7. Push Pins, qty 2 (Office Depot)

      Note: items without prices were not purchased for this project

      Total Cost = $5



        *Notes: couldn’t find a picture of the original mirror I used. The one pictured was also $4 from Target. I actually applied the paper with a glue stick & mod podged it later.

        Happy Papering!

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