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Sharpie Trinket Dish


Happy 2013!

On a rare and treasured day off work, I rang in the New Year by sleeping in until noon and decorating a plain dollar store dish to organize stray nail polish bottles.

The simple design was inspired by classic Kate Spade and created with Sharpie markers.

Read on for the inspiration and a link to the tutorial.

  Sharpie Trinket Dish


Source: kate spade
Please visit the original link to pin, or repin here.

Source: the sweetest occasion
Please visit the original link to pin, or repin here.


  1. Plate (99 cent store, $1)
  2. Permanent Markers (Target, Office Max)
  3. Oven

Note: Items without prices were not purchased for this project.

Total Cost = $1


I followed the tutorial here at the sweetest occasion.

In brief, clean the dish with windex, draw with sharpie, bake at 350°F for 30 minutes.

The simplest (and only) thing I’ve baked recently!



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