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A New Thumbprint

a new thumbprint: my blogger to wordpress story

apricot thumbprint cookie (marché, east nashville)

New Beginnings. July 2013 marked a few key events. First, my blog had recently and unassumingly passed it’s third birthday. Second, I moved to Nashville to start a new job. Third, I realized something unexpected had happened under my nose: my blog’s original domain ( was purchased by a domain investor in Thailand.

The third realization led me to read more about the possibility of transitioning from Google-owned Blogger to WordPress. Eventually I sought professional help and made the leap. So here I am at WordPress, making a new blogging thumbprint.

Thank you both to Andrea Whitmer at Nuts & Bolts Media and Jesse Michelsen at Splyced Hosting for seamlessly performing the migration.

Read on for the detailed story.

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Gold Dipped Pom

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

It’s been a busy few months. Although I’ve been knee deep in work, my mind often wandered to the blog redesign I’ve been contemplating for awhile. After mulling over few concepts, I settled on what you see here.

Check back later this week for more on the design.