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August 3, 2013 — Dear Readers, please bear with me as I transition to WordPress. I’m working on reformatting the social media icon code boxes. If you’ve found your way here, this is also the new location for the design lab & hopefully it’s last relocation. Please update your links accordingly. As always, you can reach this page using the “design” link located at the top of my blog.

xo caroline


Welcome to the design.lab


My “design hacked” graphic designs available for personal use at your own blog.

ABOUT THE { design.lab } DESIGN

Colorful dots were inspired by “Potato Print Artwork” at Oh Happy Day.

Each color coin was matched to a color from the blog header, with most colors taken from the button necklace.


If you have questions about how to resize images to best fit your blog, please leave a comment here or email me.


Custom Design: Unfortunately I cannot accommodate individual design requests at this time, due to my full-time student schedule.

If at any time I do begin to take requests, the opportunities will be posted here & in the main blog!

Social Media Icons: If you would like an icon designed to match any of the other icons already posted here, please let me know by leaving a comment or sending an email. For example: “etsy social media icon to match charcoal RSS”. Requests will be accommodated in the order received.


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design.lab button

If you use the designs here, please consider adding this button somewhere on your blog. Not required but greatly appreciated!

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Social Media Icons

“charcoal” rss


“charcoal” rss

Photobucket “charcoal” twitter

Photobucket “charcoal” pinterest

Photobucket “charcoal” facebook

Photobucket“charcoal” email

Photobucket “charcoal” button

Photobucket “charcoal” bloglovin heart

Photobucket “charcoal” bloglovin

Photobucket “charcoal” tumblr

Photobucket “charcoal” google plus

Photobucket “charcoal” tip junkie

Photobucket “charcoal” instagram

hello cotton “charcoal” hello cotton

hello cotton “charcoal & pink” hello cotton

we heart it “charcoal” we heart it

Photobucket “khaki” rss

Photobucket “barn rose” twitter

Photobucket“khaki” pinterest

Photobucket “barn rose” facebook

Photobucket “khaki” email

Photobucket “barn rose” button

Photobucket “chartreuse” rss

Photobucket “fuchsia” twitter

Photobucket “turquoise” facebook

Photobucket “turquoise” flickr

Photobucket “turquoise” blogger

Photobucket “chartreuse” pinterest

Photobucket “fuchsia” email

Photobucket “turquoise” google plus

Photobucket “turquoise” instagram

Photobucket “chartreuse” instagram

Photobucket “fuchsia” instagram

Photobucket “slate bunting” email

Photobucket “slate bunting” rss

Photobucket “slate bunting” twitter

Photobucket “slate bunting” facebook

Photobucket “slate bunting” stumble upon

Photobucket “slate bunting” pinterest

Photobucket “slate bunting” google plus

Photobucket “slate bunting” flickr

Photobucket “slate bunting” button

Photobucket “slate bunting” bloglovin

bunting you tube “slate bunting” you tube

bunting insta “slate bunting” instagram

bunting insta “slate bunting” diy icon
(right click to save icon image file)

Photobucket “clover script” email

Photobucket “ash script” facebook

Photobucket “clover script” facebook

Photobucket “ash script” pinterest

Photobucket “pond script” etsy

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{ low cost }

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Terms of Use


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